December 28, 2009

jones the grocer

For those days you just need an escape from Abu Dhabi (to those of you who need that every day I'm sorry... AND you're in luck), find your way to Jones the Grocer. It's located in a pretty random place but it's like a hidden gem. With a contemporary atmosphere, Jones the Grocer is where you can go to eat, have tea or coffee, and peruse the organic products and fresh breads and pastries from the bakery. For you cheese lovers there's also a cheese room, bring a jacket because it's freezing and you'll want to spend some time in there.

They describe their menu as "international with an Australian influence." Not so sure what that means but I had the Pumpkin & Feta Salad and the Wagyu Burger and tried some of the Pumpkin soup. I would recommend the soup as an entree because of how large the serving is, but the salad was very refreshing and the burger was divine. The beef is so tender and combined with the cheese just melts in your mouth and satisfies your taste buds with such rich flavor. It's a pretty penny but it's so worth it.

Apparently it's extremely busy at lunchtime during the week, but trust me once you experience it you'll find that right time to get your jones the grocer fix!

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