January 26, 2012

Unhealthy Eats Around London

Yesterday I spent my day walking and getting to know the city better. There's nothing I love more than creating a mental blueprint of a place that isn't home to me. Of course what guided my path were the different treats I wanted to try. I began my day with some shopping; for some reason I'm always inspired to buy shoes in London. I'm still trying to decide on a pair of boots, I just keep reminding myself I'm still based in the UAE where it won't be too boot friendly in a month or so. But if they're a classic model I should just get them right? 
 Then I headed over to have some tea and breakfast at Coco Momo on Gloucester Road.
 I can never get enough grilled Halloumi cheese. Ever. Those olives were divine; I've always preferred Kalamata olives - these were just on another level. Mmmm.

 Love Fait Masion. I'm going to miss bundling up, even though I've been told it's gotten quite chilly in the UAE. 
 I then walked over to South Ken and tried Snog, which sorry to all you loyal Snog fans, I prefer Pinkberry. My favorite part of it was the brownie, not even the yogurt. The place was cute though. 
 I crave different things at different times, but usually it's always something sweet. While my brother constantly craves burgers and savory treats, I crave warm brownies with walnuts (I don't know many people who appreciate nuts in brownies but I ONLY like nuts in brownies), and cookies. I kept asking around for a good cookie and was constantly pointed towards Ben's Cookies
My favorites were the Oatmeal Raisin and the Milk Chocolate. We got the Milk Chocolate right out of the oven and it was basically goo. Not so much my thing, but it's not something you can stop eating either. Then I went into Pret a Manger and was annoyed that I was too full to try their Carrot Cake. I have problems. 

At night I had such a yummy dinner at Mediterraneo in Notting Hill and tried one of the best Tiramisu's and cheesecakes ever. Basically it was a VERY healthy day for me. I'll be getting back on track when I'm back in the UAE either way, so I'm enjoying my last couple days here :) 

Today the sun is shining, and I just want to spend the whole day out and about... and go take another look at those boots. 

Happy Thursday xx


  1. Ben's >>> YUM


  2. You are too cute, May!
    I'm currently satisfying my cravings through you.. while I rummage through my office drawers for something to munch on :)

  3. the icecream is amazing

  4. You're so cute! And you're making me miss London! :( Snog comment, TOTALLY agree, Pinkberry is way better, and if I could send you to NYC, I'd get you to try frozen yoghurt that's way better than pinkberry! Don't they have Ben's Cookies in Dubai, they have it in Saudi! Oatmeal Raisin is my favorite too, although nothing beats chocolate chip pillsbury ready made cookies you just pop in the oven :D

    Finally, I MISS Mediterraneo, did you try the Melanzane?! And as for pret, try the pret bars! They're amazing!

  5. Hahaha Nat, I hope you found something!

    They have Ben's cookies in Dubai?!?!? I don't think so because I would have been already. Hahaha yeah the pillsbury cookies with some nice cold milk, I usually end up eating so much of the raw batter I feel sick by the time the cookies are made. I did pillsbury's revenue well in uni! I DID try the melanzane!! Honestly everything there was delicious, but I do remember the starters really standing out. I was told about the chocolate pret bar, but I didn't get to try it :( Too many things!!!