January 9, 2012

Last Day at the Volvo Ocean Race

I brought a couple friends with me my second to last day at the Volvo Ocean Race, I convinced them it was wild. They're probably not listening to me again, but at least they got tans in the sun.  
Paparazzi shot. The fame that comes with sharing Marmo's story is really tiring.
 The first read was fun, but I'm just not understanding the weather; I'm pretty sure it was a regular summers day, I could hardly breathe while I was reading. The little girl in front of me was blinking so much I thought she was having some sort of fit. 

 What a fella
 Irish dancing - not really my thing but interesting to watch I guess. I thought it was enough to have it at the Sanya activation. Then they decided to have the girls dance on stage for what felt like 2 hours. Who watches Irish dancing for that long?! 
 It's hard not to get attached to Marmo.
 Getting ready to MC for the Puma Faas Test. Everyone was encouraged to try the Puma Faas shoes and see how fast they could run but it was mainly children. These two brothers wouldn't leave, they just kept trying over and over again. Unfortunately their scores didn't really change much. 
 Aiysha and I putting on a lil show for you on how to win 1st place... when you're 2nd. It really made sense to do at the time. 
 And that's how it's done :)
 Even Marmo tried out... he sucked
 Trying the virtual ride, and completely miserable about the thought of getting wet, at least that's the look I was going for. Aiysha looks like a lost orphan. 
 It felt like such a long week reading that story over and over, but I think I like kids a bit more, just a bit though. 
 It's Marmo bitch
I honestly did not see that kid get in that photo, and he's posing like us also

Ahh, so adventure 1 of 2012 has been completed (so crazy I know), stay tuned for the second one xx

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  1. the marmo tattoo is so cuuuute!