January 14, 2012

My 1st Bikram Experience Summed Up

So I told myself to wait a day before writing about my Bikram yoga experience because I pretty much hated it. I thought I'd feel different about it today.... I don't. BUT I don't have that much angst towards it.

This was my day at a glance:

8 - trying to get excited about Bikram, not
11 - fml
11:40 - cute new yoga gear from Nike, excited

12:30 - enter the sauna, losing breath
1 - thirty minutes left, kill me
1:30 - around a hundred savasana teases, which I didn't appreciate, thinking of food
2 - burned out, sweating buckets and pissed
3 lunch
4 still hungry and tired
5 starving, eat more
6 still hungry and now exhausted
7 eat again, drink water
8 eat half a box of cereal
9 exhausted, feeling fat, and hating Bikram
10 yummy Greek food for dinner, happy tummy

12 forced to watch The Life of David Gale, nauseous all over again
1 pass out FINALLY

So as you can see, I didn't drink enough water, and for that reason was constantly eating and tired. My fault completely. But I've experienced other workouts where I burn more, and don't tire myself out as much. While I admire all those people who have stuck it out and get excited about going to Bikram, bless them, ima stick to my normal workout routine at the regular temperature for now.

1 comment:

  1. Try it again!! I hated it my first time too, now I find it the most calming experience ever! I feel so renewed after leaving the room too!