January 14, 2012

Note to Self: Have a Lil Bit o' Hope

I bought these flowers a couple days ago and forgot to water them (go figure). So yesterday they were shriveled and the leaves were hanging on their last thread; if you saw the state they were in, you'd never believe they're the same flowers in the photo above. I was about to throw them out but my sister-in-law who loves flowers decided to try watering them first (even though I was certain they were beyond rescue). I'm usually very optimistic, so the fact that I saw no hope in reviving these flowers can give you a deeper understanding of how withered their state was. 

Today I came to see them in full bloom, loving life and milking in the sun.

Sure, you can just look at them as some flowers that got watered. But I found it so beautiful how giving them that hopeful chance was worth it. Anything can be revived in time, it just takes some effort, love and positive energy. I know, I'm so deep aren't I. 

Positivity - check xx

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