January 11, 2012

Bonjour Londres

Today I awoke to the crisp gloom of London and actually welcomed it with a smile. Considering the tan I managed to get working at the Volvo Ocean Race, I’ve been craving that true winter shiver again (I won’t be writing so poetically about it in a couple days).

Not sure what the next couple weeks here have in store for me, but it’ll mainly be a family trip. Since my brother and his wife live all the way in San Francisco, being all together is always a blessing, especially with the amazing family friends we have here too.
I definitely think no matter what sort of crazy family you have, being with them is priceless and should never be taken for granted. I also know that it's beautiful how some friendships grow so strong that their genuine love and support binds you to them stronger than blood does. Cheers to that!

Happy Wednesday xx

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