November 22, 2011

To Method Act or Not to Method Act

Have you watched Breaking Dawn yet? This photo really amuses me, this is Pattinson's trademark "in love" look, but really looks more like he's feeling his hernia flare up. I watched it on Saturday and actually enjoyed it. Oh my god... I know. I'm either getting scowls or cheers of agreement right now. See, I decided to give twilight a read my last semester of uni because after a while I got bored of Boston's freezing weather, and staying in to read was a much better idea..... aaand I've always been a geek who's into sci-fi and fantasy. So this was just a quick easy read. Yes it can be stupid, yes it's for kids, yes it's unrealistic, but for some reason it became a guilty pleasure that I'm not embarrassed about. Anyway, back to Breaking Dawn, I was afraid it would suck like the first part of the 7th Harry Potter movie, but I really liked that we actually go to see the baby, and Bella's transformation. I just have one question, how intense was the sex scene because it was censored here... All we saw was them skinny dipping, then Bella waking up with feathers around her. No, I can't visually imagine what sex with a vampire would be like, so I didn't appreciate the cut.
I was impressed by how frail and sick Bella looked. I remember in the book the description was ghastly, but wow did they portray it well. I got really scared at first that Kristen Stewart actually embodied the character and lost all that weight, because as an aspiring actress the last thing I want to think I have to do is put my health on the line for a role. I found this interview where she explains it was all digital:

It appears that you lost a considerable amount of weight between the honeymoon and when you were pregnant. Was that all digital?
Kristen Stewart: "Yeah, digital totally. I didn't have time. We shot everything...everything was sporadically shot. To do that we would've had to shut down production for a couple of months while I lost the weight or gained it back, whichever we did first."
It looks very genuine.
Kristen Stewart: "It's so cool that you're saying that. That’s great because you do fear that. It does make you feel a little bit like, 'Oh, I hope you guys do a good job,' because I can't do that part and it can ruin you, obviously, if you look ridiculous. Obviously, I don't. So, those guys are amazing at what they do."

(click here for the full interview)

After seeing how amazing digital work is, I really felt bad for actors like Christian Bale, who lost 60 lbs. for his role in The Machinist, where he'd live on like espresso and an apple a day. I think method acting is admirable, just not when it puts you at risk, which most times it seems to do just that. I'm sure he'd never regret his choices, he'd say losing all that weight is the only way he could live that role. I would just be curious to see if someone could do it just as well without all the unhealthy physical work. Check out his photos from the film if you haven't seen it already, bloody scary:

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  1. Nice read May! I often find myself thinking the same... Health is at the end our top priority, and compromising and sacrifising it for anything, even for such love as acting is to us, is unhealthy and can lead to severe damages. It is incredible what technology can do nowdays. It is also scarry at one point. But why not use the advantage of it if its already here.
    I also think that losing weight for anything can cause not only physical damage, but also psychological. In this skinny obsessed world, where everyone compliments you when you lose weight, not knowing that maybe you are seriously ill or been through some trauma or maybe trying to recover from an illness, it is easy and can beeven tempting to some to cross that line towards obsessing about your weight and appearance which leads to dangerous diets, not to mention eating disorders. I am all up for promoting healthy and not skinny and the older I'm getting I am realising that Health is on top of my list.