November 22, 2011

Fun in the Sun at Aquaventure

Last weekend I finally went to Aquaventure in Atlantis and it was sooooooooo much fun! It felt like being on vaca, even though I could see my apt building from the beach... There were loads of tourists, the sun was out but there was a nice breeze, the slides were fun, and the fruit was fresh! I do think that if I go again I won't go at 1pm but rather at 11am to catch a nice tan. Other than the annoying wait for the different slides, it was such a fun day. You know, the leap of faith isn't as scary as I thought it would be. I guess I didn't have much time to analyze what I was getting myself into, but for some reason my back didn't enjoy it. Note to all of you who decide to try it, hold your nose tightly shut. It felt like a hose was placed right under my nostrils, and turned on suddenly to the highest pressure. I didn't appreciate the lack of warning...
Where all the kiddies play and the water is 99% pee!
I took this photo during broad daylight but it came out with such a different mood. I don't feel like it was taken in Dubai when I look at it.
We got the fruit combo and the coconut water tasted great! I lie... but at least it's healthy and I was thirsty, so it really did the job. 
I love pineapple so much. This one was so sweet, we scraped the inside until there was nothing else to eat, proper villager style. It looked super awkward at the end though because there was just this stick protruding from the middle. Yeah... you would have thought it too.

The watermelon wasn't even red and yet was so sweet.
A beautiful sunset to end the day. 

If you do go, remember to bring your Emirates License or ID because rather than paying AED 200 you'll pay AED 140 (they don't advertise that anywhere of course). The photos are ridiculously expensive, priced at AED 150, and the key chain they give is butterz; it's purple with glitter- something you'd find at the Limited II. Don't take photos in the pool with the slide behind you unless you want to experience the most awkward poses with whoever you're with. I don't know if the photographer was bored or genuinely thought he was brought over to take photographs for a soft porn magazine. Either way, very bizarre. 

If you haven't been, make some time for it. We should all feel like kids every once in a while! 

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