November 14, 2011

A Stunning Dress... Thank you Disney

When I was younger my fashion sense was very, I dunno, interesting.. for lack of a better word. I was only cute when my mom used to dress me up; but once I started choosing my own outfits until around seventeen I'd say, I was really lost. It wasn't so much bad taste in clothes, just not understanding how to dress for my body. I definitely thought I was a boy at one point. Yes, I was single for a lot of my younger years.
However, if there was any reason at all I ever had any interest in fashion when I was younger, it's because of Ariel. No not the shell bikini top and tail look. Remember that scene at the end when she walks out of the ocean to the shore in that long, glimmering dress looking absolutely stunning? How could they raise us with such role models; what is that waist?! Definitely the size of my ankle. I remember the only difference I thought Ariel and I had was the color of our eyes and hair, sad. Remember that move where she swims up to air gracefully like a swan and comes out of the water with her head tilted back. Perfecting that move was really a priority of mine (back when I had no other responsibilities in life, obviously).... it never worked out though. Fortunately for me, now I only give it a go when I'm not around anyone, and still feel like an ass doing it.

Wow really missed the point of this post there. Back to the dress! I was browsing through Elie Saab's Ready to Wear, Fall/Winter 2011 line and found the closest design to it I've seen! It's not blue and you can't see how it glimmers in this photo, but you know, the lighting is all wrong and she's not walking out of the sea with the ocean and sun's reflection. I wonder where the inspiration for this dress came from...

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