November 17, 2011

Formula 1 Grand Prix- Always a Trip

The Formula 1 Grand Prix at Yas Island is seriously an experience, just make sure you're well rested before you attend. A couple friends and I ended up arriving a bit late and so finding parking was enough time for me to finish reading a couple books. Then, as if that wasn't frustrating enough, we missed the beginning of the race and had to endure the excruciatingly loud noise of the engines zooming by until we found ear plugs which didn't really do much. I was certain my ears would pop or start bleeding. Then to my surprise, as I was passing by one of the food and beverage bars I noticed they were selling Bai5! It's not normal how excited I got. I bought at least three for the race.

To my entertainment, right in front of me was a couple who I seemed to catch right in the middle of an argument. The man was Lebanese I'd say and woman was from some Eastern European country. She was so annoying. I didn't blame the man for moving away from her every time she tried to say something to him. She'd go through fits of different emotions trying to get his attention. At times she'd argue and stand up and start gesturing with her hands, and at other times she'd be laughing and tickling his ear. It was actually like watching someone have an argument with a wall; only an idiot would continue. She must be really fun during"after-dark playtime" otherwise not sure what would keep them together. Yes, I could make that judgement based on their over dramatic show. Oh well, I'm not going to complain about the scene she was making because it was fun. Between that, the Bai and the race I was satisfied. I don't really follow any of the drivers so wasn't disappointed or overly thrilled about Lewis Hamilton winning. I wonder how Nicole Scherzinger felt. This clip of her always makes me laugh at the end, airhead saved by her looks:

After a meal at Stars n' Bars (I think the only other one is in Monaco) we got carried away with discussion and missed Paul McCartney, which apparently was the best concert. Sorry Brit brat. Walking around all the yachts was probably equally as amusing as the couple at the race. If you couldn't tell where a yacht came from by its flag, you knew by the music and the people. We passed by a yacht with a Swiss flag and the people were mingling together, so amiable, happily enjoying the live music around them. Then we passed by a yacht with really loud local music and four locals standing at the dock of it whistling (literally) at all the girls passing by. Then you had Octopussy... then you had the really fancy yacht with dinner tables dressed in white table cloth, then the yacht that had a bunch of random girls that were just pulled onto it even though no one knows anyone. There was this one girl wearing nearly nothing dancing on the edge facing the yacht right next to her. Needless to say, I was walking down the boardwalk, amused by every single drunk yacht. Before we knew it, it was 1am and time to head home.
Love the colors right before it got dark

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