June 13, 2011

Smiling Just Became More Fun

I'm one of the biggest advocates for having presentable teeth. I always thought I was fine in terms of my pearly whites, until I discovered the new Crest White Strips Professional Effects. It's not a joke when I say I cannot stop smiling. You can either apply the strips twice a day for 10 days (morning and night), or once for 20 days. I was an over achiever and went for twice a day and all that "see results after 3 days" bull IS TRUE! I really wish I took before and after photos to show but I wasn't sure what to expect. 

They might not be as permanent as a proper whitening session at the dentist, but they are much more wallet friendly with practically the same results. Going to Napa to taste some vino during my white strip session wasn't the best idea, but as long as you swish some water or even better brush your teeth after any red wine/ coffee or anything else that can stain you're fine. 

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