June 13, 2011

Roman Holiday

We took my brother's vespa around Palo Alto, CA and found some great spots to snap some (understatement) photos, the scenery was breathtaking. For a split second I was sure I cought a glimpse of heaven and no I'm not being cheesy or deep, it was pretty damn amazing. The fog created a white blanket over the trees and against the sunset backdrop the view was stunning. There's just something so romantic about vespas I felt transported to Rome in the 1950s. Am I pushing it yet?

Anyway, I wish I owned one of these beautieis. Fortunately for me, I don't have a death wish; so unfortunately, I'll have to wait and refrain from riding one on the streeets of Dubai until my next destination.... sigh.

With my bro

My puurrrty sister in law

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