June 17, 2011

S T A Y for Dessert

Something I've learned from my father, is that no meal is complete without dessert. And not just a sliver to change your palette, but the whole shebang. While most people can hardly breathe after a heavy meal, dessert to my father has nothing to do with how full he is; I really believe he has a hidden abyss in his stomach designated for dessert. It's quite impressive... until it's overdone and we're sure his cholesterol levels need to be rechecked.

I really took his ideology to another level at the restaurant S T A Y (Simple Table by Alleno Yanick) at the Royal Mirage on the Palm. After a very tasty dinner where we were well pampered, we decided to step up to the dessert bar and ordered four (mind you we were 2). To say that we were already stuffed would be an understatement. 

As we were debating how we were going to roll out of the restaurant, we were treated to a plate of petit fours that I regretfully had to turn down, due to my overly gluttonous consumption. I recommend if you're going there not to order any dessert and enjoy their final treat. Or if you must, order the second one from the right. I forgot the ice cream's flavor, but it was so soft and drizzled with a light honey in a thin and crispy almond cookie cup. Scrumptious.

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