June 4, 2012

recent realizations

the jellyfish always has to ruin the moment...

  • can someone please design the perfect bikini for tanning that conceals yet helps avoid the tan lines? thanks.
  • i really like silk.
  • i get very nervous if i can't see burj khalifa. 
  • any fun moment will always pass by so quickly. so inconvenient. 
  • i suddenly have an urge to adopt children (in the future obv).
  • i'm a little intimidated by girls who play the violin.
  • change is frightening ONLY because we always feel our situation might worsen instead of improve. why are we so negative?!
  • note to self: avoid maxi dresses after getting asked if i was pregnant in one.
  • being around crows in fujeirah felt like i was around the ravens in game of thrones. yeah i'm a little obsessed.
  • i've just accepted that i'll never find the nail polish color i'm looking for. it's not completely white, but a bit off-pink and opaque. 
  • i need to start using packing organizers.
  • i love midnight snacking and anyone who'll snack with me.
  • the sea at night is nothing without phytoplankton.
  • i find straight guys who notice every detail of a girl i.e. if her manicure is up to par, very creepy.
  • being told a juicy secret is like having a live grenade attached to you. i'd rather not know. 
  • i shouldn't have let peanut butter back into my life. oh well.
 xx penguina


  1. http://www.tanthrough.com/
    They say their bikinis let you tan without tan lines. I don't know if the designs are perfect though.

    1. That's actually a really cool idea! Thanks :)

  2. - you need to find the right maxi dress, takes some time and effort but totally doable and worth it considering it's so comfortable and so easy! No 'outfit' involved!
    - did I mention I dream about game of thrones?
    - essie nailpolish ballet slippers didn't work out for you?
    - don't even get me started midnight snacking or peanut butter. You know how nutella isn't allowed at home? Peanut butter is now on that list..my sister likes collecting peanut butter for some odd reason and I like eating them all for her. I used to enjoy peanut butter with other things but you know you're going overboard when you have to have a good 3-4 tablespoons straight out of the jar every night before going to bed.
    - I miss the phytoplankton at night too :(

    1. first of all, i miss you so much.

      - second, i DID find the right maxi I'm so excited about it. I can't wait to wear it out more and NOT look pregnant.
      - you did not mention those dreams, no.... :)
      - i just want to go to a store that has all of the colors, i didn't try ballet slippers yet.
      - i'm so nervous i'm going to be in the states for a month how am I going to stay away from whole foods honey roasted pb?? how! (and yes 3 - 4 tbs very easy for me).