June 4, 2012

nook worm

so i'm really excited about my nook. yup, that excited i had to pose with it like that. it's cool, i embrace my nerd. i love books and still buy them for the library i will one day have, yes, with dangerous sliding ladders and secret passageways; but the idea of not having to carry a brick slash harry potter slash porn - in my defense i did NOT know anything about 50 shades of grey before i started it,  around doesn't sound too bad to me. i'd written a post about the nook a year ago, my brother works on the interface so i remember trying it out. i made it pretty clear to him that i liked it then.... he chose to ignore my hints, thanks tamer :p 

i suggest you guys check it out. you're practically carrying a whole library in a tiny tablet that's easy to read from, esp with its glow light. considering it's summertime, it's the perfect time to invest in one for the beach/plane. you can also highlight words or look them up. very nerd friendly. it's also much cuter than the kindle. lots more personality. i'm attached.

happy readings :)

xx penguina


  1. How's 50 shades of grey??? Apparently "banned" in the UAE... I'm reading One Day at the moment - it's brilliant, and there's a movie which I can watch after :)

    Another great one is Girl with the Dragon Tattoo which is a great quick read, recommend it for flights.


    1. 50 shades... wow.. there's a reason it's banned. I don't even know how to describe it because i wouldn't want to give anything away ;)

      I finished One Day not too long ago. I love Anne Hathaway, but would have preferred another actress tbh.

      Thanks, I'll definitely consider it, I just have a list of like 20 books to go through first lol.

      Let me know what you think of One Day when you're done! xx

  2. Crazy! Just this morning I had asked some friends where might I find a nook in Dubai. And as soon as I opened up fb, I saw your post on my home screen. Coincidence? Unlikely. I'm sure it's a sign. Plus, I think I need one now. Ever since you told me about the nook a while back, the books in my carry-on suddenly seem so much bulkier. I'm not sure if I should thank you sarcastically or sincerely yet. It all depends on if I manage to find one soon :P Hehe, no, Thank You, really.


  3. I like a mix of sarcastically and sincerely if you can manage that :p

    Do they even sell it here?

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    1. Haha Aiysha you're so cute. I think I see sweet potato and green beans and not sure what else :p