June 26, 2012

bonjour liban!

when i think of beirut many images come to mind- my favorite of them all being what you see above. relaxing by the beach/pool with a nice cool drink at hand. you can't not love the gorgeous water of the mediterranean, not to mention the beautiful tan you always manage to steal with you by the time you leave (really ups your attraction level by a couple notches ;). 

i'm actually on the final leg of my 3 week june-journey, which was all dictated by weddings (it is mating season after all)- bahrain to london to boston to beirut, back to back baby. i'd rather not see another plane or suitcase for a while at this point and the idea of unpacking gives me heart palpitations. 

i'm not really sure how i've managed to remain standing considering the hours i've spent getting dehydrated up in the air, the tanning, and partying that naturally rolls over till morning (i don't recommend shots for breaky). each time i'm here i tell myself i'm not going to skybar ever again. still i end up there, suffocated by the compromising proximity i'm held in with a whole bunch of butts i'd rather not have up against me.

i've come to the realization that something about being here makes me feel like my body is invincible. it happens every time without fail. i'm smarter now though, at least i prepare myself mentally and expect to leave unwell. for once i've decided to give in to immobility today and just eat, sleep and chew big red. 

hope you're all getting some summer lovin :)


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