June 10, 2012

getaway in bahrain

being born and raised in bahrain means it'll always be a special lil island for me, so spending the weekend there was refreshing and just what i needed. regardless of all the shiii going on there, i always find it so peaceful and happy, especially in comparison to the uae where i'm sure the trees judge us. this trip was the first leg of my summer journey, and was of course for a wedding. despite the brevity of our stay, it was all about relaxing, catching up with old friends and being idiots with some of my closests. 

how to enjoy your flight: go wild with a camera. somehow it doesn't get old.
attempt normalcy. fail.
(excuse yazzy on the left, she never gets it)
get more excited.
 count on me to push the dork limits.
make psycho look reasonable.
attempt the roller coaster.
 (please check out ali's face in the back - absolutely priceless)
attempt normalcy again. fail.
 (ali needs to get out more)
 try to look hot, but lose hope after 15 unsuccessful shots.  

xx penguina


  1. Hahahahaha I'm dying of laughter Ali is hilarioussss!!!

    1. isn't it amazing??? even better if you know him haha

  2. You are all so cute! Cant believe its nearly been a week since last weekend!