May 27, 2010

boys n girls: Classic Scenario III

  • boy pursues girl
  • girl loves attention
  • boy confesses feelings
  • girl goes for it half heartedly
  • boy is whipped and infatuated
  • girl convinces herself she likes boy... but just isn't feeling it and expresses feelings
  • boy is hurt but understands 
*they break up*
  • girl misses boy’s attention
  • boy misses girl
*they get back*
  • girl isn’t into it and confesses... again
  • boy is getting bored but still cares
  • girl is so confused with herself
*couple hook ups here n there*
  • boy gets over situation
  • girl is happy with having him when she wants
  • boy is over her
  • girl annoyed boy isn’t giving her attention when she wants it
  • boy is friends with all her friends which is so annoying because she now hears his news through them
  • boy meets someone new
  • girl not happy with new situation
solution: new boy

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