May 30, 2010

Before you make a trip to dubai mall, take note

As far as I can remember, a great thing about Dubai was being able to wear what you wanted, be it shorts, sleeveless tops, short dresses etc. which was such a great deal because wearing anything slightly conservative would feel like wearing a fur coat in a sauna. Apparently those days are gone. Recently, I have been hearing more and more about Dubai Mall's "Dubai Courtesy" rules (shown above). I get the alcohol, smoking, "dangerous activities," the pets, and overt displays of affection. What people don't realize is it's Dubai... so overt displays of affection does not imply straddling someone outside Sephora, but more so don't under any circumstance even think about holding your husband's hand. It doesn't matter if he slipped, fell and broke his leg, he better enjoy limping. But back to the clothing, I understand it's all about respecting the country you're in, which everyone should do. It's just a bummer when a change like this happens after being overlooked for so long.  I'm hoping shoulders and knees aren't ever confused with wrists and ankles.

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