May 23, 2010

barcode yourself - find out how much you're really worth

Making fun of the world of consumerism we live in, barcode yourself, gives you the chance to find out how much you cost based on your gender, location, age, weight and height using "real world data" (not sure how that works). 

According to the site the calculation of "an individual's BMI based on the height and weight reveals the health of an individual, thus those considered underweight or overweight are worth less money. In addition, in comment to the dominance of the United States, all barcodes are published in inches and pounds. A female barcode takes the real-world hit of earning 72 cents less than each dollar earned by a man. The average for age takes on the most comic tone, borrowing from the worlds' most famous 33-year old, Jesus."

I came out to a measly $3.49, i really hoped i'd be worth more....

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