November 21, 2009

Want to Fly? Try Acro Yoga

When I heard of Acro yoga, I had no idea what to expect, all I was told I would need would be a partner and an open mind. That still didn’t help much.

With around 12 of us at the workshop, we started with a circle ceremony, sitting with our knees to knees. We did a couple stretches and poses on our own and used the person on either side of us for other balance poses, which was beautiful. I’ve never experienced yoga with someone else, but this practice teaches you to trust and use each other’s bodies to balance and move gracefully while synchronizing your breath. Trusting takes practice  as well, now a day we have so many guards up constantly  to protect ourselves, so it was so liberating to find that trust in your partner and be able to balance or lose balance without feeling the need to open your eyes.  After the flow we went through some flying poses that I never even imagined I’d be able to do, and ended it with a wonderful savasana that involved giving your partner a chance to relax from the practice using elements of Thai massage.

All in all it was a great blend of the spirituality of yoga, the dynamics of acrobatics, and the kindness of Thai massage. While everyone in class worked together, you realize that no pose is impossible; it just takes balance and concentration. It’s genuinely a beautiful practice that you should try, working together with others in yoga brings you together as one, providing feelings of tranquility and union that are not always easy to find on a daily basis.

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