November 8, 2009

Acting Workshops Coming to Dubai from LA!

For all you acting thesps in the Arab world there will be a workshop that shouldn’t be missed! Michelle Danner who is the artistic director of Edgemar Center for the Arts and Larry Moss studio in LA is coming to Dubai to do 4 days of classes. These are the same classes she teaches in LA and around the world. She also coaches stars such as Chris Rock, Christain Slater, Selma Hayak etc...

The first class is called "The Golden Box" it is a 2 day 6 hours a day technique break down class. She explains how to break down a script and personalize your role and bring it to life. The second course is the On-Camera intensive. you will be given sides from various scripts to go over and you will perform them in front of Michelle and a camera and then be critiqued on how to interact better in auditions and behind the camera. 

There really aren’t enough acting classes here and considering these classes are taught by professionals from Hollywood where they have experience in all aspects of the industry, it is well worth the money! Even though I majored in acting, I’m always looking for more classes to take, there are so many techniques and styles of acting to learn and each experience gives you the food to grow more and more as an actor. These classes are for people of all experience levels; even if you’ve never acted before what better way than to start off with a strong foundation. Ultimately, it'll be a great experience, so why not?

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