September 10, 2009

Blackberry I love you, But You're Bringing Me Down

You might find this absolutely ridiculous, but I have gotten myself into a very serious love-hate relationship. I have always tried to hold the upper hand in my relationships and well I've completely failed this time. If you get nauseous easily don't read on. I don't want to lose readers... if it's not too late. 

So you're still reading... you either feel sorry for me or are worried you might be in the same boat... which is sure to sink. On a serious note, I can't be the only one who has fallen hard for their blackberry. I'm just completely dependent on it. It's not a one sided relationship, I just know that I need it much more than it needs me. It's that damn messenger that keeps me holding on. 

I'm more than fine with being taunted by my family about how rude I am for constantly giving more attention to my blackberry. I have consciously become impolite for it.

Recently I've come to realize that it has turned into somewhat of an abusive relationship. I'm actually injured! I have diagnosed myself with "Blackberry Thumb," although I do have a record of misdiagnosing myself (I thought I was lactose intolerant for 4 years before I went to a doctor and was told otherwise). According to an article on Techrepublic (who goes there?), "Blackberry Thumb is a stress-related injury due to over-use of any pda or smartphone... the condition is caused by highly repetitive, forceful thumb movements with the thumbs held back from the palms. The symptoms are pain in the thumb and region around the base of the thumb and hand."

Whenever I'm in a conversation on blackberry messenger I type as though I'm helping someone unlock a code to a nuclear bomb that is set to explode any second. It's like I'm afraid someone's feelings might get hurt if I don't tell them what I did that day as soon as the message is read. I'll go as far as replying at a traffic light and I've seen worse. Honestly, who's feelings get hurt by those "read" notifications... Unless you've just asked someone if they love you for the first time (which is stupid to do over bbm anyway) you should be alright if they take some time to reply. Alas, what I thought would be exercise for my thumbs turned into pain.

It's that red light... I'm spellbound by it. It can be seen no matter what you put on top of it! I try so hard to ignore but it's useless. If I put my phone on silent it's even worse. I'll hold my breath and stare at the blinker constantly to wait for it! At least my latest blackberry is honest, my first one was constantly blinking for no reason. It also got run over by a car so I guess we're even.

To all you Blackberry users, try not to stress your poor thumbs too much. Take breaks, let people get over the time you take to reply.

Anyway, despite it all I'm happy and if that's the case why should I let go. I already know I'M the one who's going to get hurt, I'm fine with it....

Where can I get help?


  1. Mayo I would have thought you were an iPhone person! I'm trying to choose myself right now...I don't want to cave!?

  2. Maher, I have mastered texting without looking at the screen. That might take me a bit longer to do on an iPhone :p

    SAY NO! Actually don't. I would tell you to stay away from the devil that it is but I am clearly it's loyal servant. You won't regret it. Other than making you somewhat anti-social and it's potential life threats the only minor problem might be the clicking the keyboard makes when you type which I can't even hear anymore but I know it annoys others. Who cares about them tho :p