April 15, 2009

Shop till you drop - on Shopbop

To all the female fashionistas out there who don't already know... With all the online shopping options we are given today, I haven't been able to find a site that I'd visit more than once. A friend recently introduced me to Shopbop.com, which if any of you don't know of should definitely start visiting whenever that pay check comes in, or when your closet feels... dull and empty. Shopbop.com is an online boutique with over a hundred brands, carrying everything you would want for your wardrobe. In addition to their "How to Buy Denim Guide," I'd say Shopbop's usp, or unique selling proposition, is their Season Trend Preview guide. Take the time to look through the latest trends of the season and exactly how to pull them off. Did I mention there's free shipping? I try to limit my shopping to things I actually need and somehow end up needing the most ridiculous things, like a headband. Enjoy your online shopping spree; however, don't visit the site unless you either have the money to spend, or want to get depressed and hate your current wardrobe and style.

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