April 4, 2009

Flip Mino HD!

My new favorite gadget is the Flip Mino HD, a mini digital camcorder that can capture up to an hour of continuous footage in high definition. It has a built in USB to connect directly to your laptop and it comes with it's own flip video program to organize your videos and share them. It might have a small LCD screen, but with its touch- sensitive buttons and 4G of memory this product is definitely worth the purchase. If you order it from the website, www.theflip.com, you can be creative and even design your own one. If you think you've got extensive Mino designing capabilities you can sell your designs. I just got mine and love it, it's tiny, light and will def come in useful. Perfect for blackmail. Price: $229.99

Fyi: Pure Digital, the maker of the Flip, sold itself to Cisco for $590 million in stock, I think it's going to get pretty popular.

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