April 3, 2009

Get in Shape with Tracy Anderson

So many of my friends have gotten personal trainers to get in shape, but end up with a body they don't like and less money in their bank account. I am convinced though that getting help from a professional is a smart thing to do, it's just finding the right trainer. What I catch myself doing is looking at a trainer's body and deciding if I would want to work with them or not... I mean they must be doing something right. Of course, every body works differently, but I can't help judging that way. That's why when I came across Tracy Anderson on Gwyneth Paltrow's site Goop (which is great) and the Today Show, I've really been considering investing in her DVDS... because I'm not going to pay $200 per session with her. She has her own methods that she's been researching for years and has an amazing body! Other fans include Madonna, and we can all say Madonna's got a pretty fab body, esp for her age.

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