February 22, 2010

Help Heal Haiti

Everyone should get the chance to give a little (or a lot) of support to those in Haiti. Switch Restaurant and house of glaMO have made this possible here in Dubai by holding a fundraiser event from Sunday Feb. 28th to Monday March 1st from 6pm – 12 am at the Dubai Mall. There will be some good food, music and most importantly an auction with some great items! Book your table by calling 04-339-9131, your support and money will help so many it’s truly worth it. 

I’m glad I got to promote house of glaMO’s “help heal Haiti” t-shirts, you can buy one for AED 200 by emailing: info@houseofglamo.com. If you can’t make it out to the events at least order a t-shirt! 

It's really great to see how many people are showing their support worldwide :)


  1. Great initiative Mayo :) Will definitely try to attend when I'm back in dubai!

    As a side note, though: while I appreciate the mobilization of people worldwide to help Haiti cope with such a catastrophic event, it makes me sad to see that we cannot garner the same emotional and financial support for our own problems in the middle east.

    Maya xx

  2. This has always been the problem luv, but don't be sad, it's our generation that will hopefully start to change things ;)