February 18, 2010


Remember when it was all about AOL, ICQ and all those other chatting platforms... Lucky for us things have become even more awkward with Chatroulette, a new way to chat with strangers all around the world. 

The concept is basic, there are two screens and a chat box, you've got your picture, someone else's and the button "play." Once you play it finds someone randomly and at any point you can press "next" and find someone new to stare at. I've heard it's addictive and there are all sorts of games you can play to entertain yourself with it. It's also pretty likely you come across a number of people "pleasing" themselves in front of the camera. Apparently, the 17 year old kid in Moscow who designed it didn't know the ratio of obscene people to decent is about 9:1. 

So if you've got some time on your hands check it out, with thousands of online users you're bound to come across a couple interesting stories to share.

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