February 14, 2010

happy "love" day

I guess some people do need a reminder to show their "special" someone that they L-O-V-E them, but does it really have to be a worldwide predictable event on the same day? I guess I find it sort of cheesy being at a restaurant knowing every other couple around me is there for that same reason. What if your lover doesn't take you out to dinner, does he not love you enough?? If he forgets to order you roses should you reconsider the relationship? I think if Valentines day is what someone bases their relationship on they've got some inner issues to sort out. Believe me, I know some people who take this day very seriously. 

I clearly remember high school and the rush everyone would get from the roses that would be delivered to the students in class.  There was definitely some sort of rose competition going on with those regular attention seeking students you find in each grade. Mind you, they either sent a bouquet to themselves or agreed on it with their friends. It’s like an unfortunate need to show off how loved you are.

I’ve noticed the expectations of friends around me increase progressively, I remember a time when a rose, some Hershey kisses  and the occasional card would do the job, and now find that if you’re not making a purchase from Cartier’s “Love” collection you'd better have a good excuse to save the relationship! Ok it’s not that bad, but I think there’s a bit too much pressure on couples and their exchanges,  I think we’ve all forgotten that a person’s company is really what matters most on this day. Too bad genuinely appreciating the smaller things does not apply. We can only blame each other and our growing superficial needs. I'm not saying I don't like gifts, I just think if they pop up unexpectedly it makes them  a bit more exciting and special.

On the flip side, Valentines day does hold a record for being the second largest card-sending holiday of the year - after Christmas. At least it’s nice to know that in the midst of all the hatred we see around us, there's still a lot of love to give in some way or another. Let this day be what you want- secretly something to brag about,  personal and special in its own original way, or just another day. As long as you disgusting lovebirds are happy then do what you gotta do and enjoy it :p

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