January 1, 2010

Time for the Resolutions!

  1.  Gain 5 lbs
  2.  Ignore debts for another year
  3.  Pick up a new habit… perhaps smoking
Unfortunately, resolutions are never that tempting to keep…

The history of the New Year’s Resolution apparently goes back to 153 B.C… because people have been unsuccessfully trying to lose weight since then. My guess. Apparently there was a Roman mythical king, Janus, who was placed at the head of the calendar. He had two faces and could see the past and future events and became the symbol for resolutions. So the Romans started the trend of seeking forgiveness from enemies and exchanging gifts before the beginning of each year.  This makes sense since a resolution is pretty much finding a solution to a problem. A fresh start and step in the right direction to a healthier, prettier you is what we mainly focus on these days. Not so sure if people are “seeking forgiveness” from a higher power for eating all those twinkies. Just curious, do people actually follow through with their resolutions anymore?

The three most popular resolutions as you might have guessed: 
  1. Lose weight
  2. Pay debts
  3. Stop Smoking
We've already grasped that resolutions are generally selfish (not SO much about helping others) and are just a fad that dies out a couple weeks into January. From what I see, people don’t really feel too bad about being chubs, broke or potentially knocking on cancers door. In this case it's good people are more concerned with making resolutions to help themselves, if you have been making the same resolution for more than 5 years please don't attempt to help someone else. Clearly the start of a new year is not incentive enough to make changes. If you really want to be realistic why not:
  1. Eat half the portion of your dessert, we’re talking half a palm sized, not PF Chang’s Great Wall of Chocolate.
  2. Wait a couple days and think real hard how much you need something… No, I don’t believe you'll get the job because of those new shoes... life isn't always like the movies. 
  3. Smoke ½ of your usual cancer sticks per day. 

Some other resolutions to try going for:
  • Stop bbming while having a convo. with someone face to face.
  • Avoid chocolate three times a week.
  • Smile more. 
  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator/ escalator.
  • Stick to one credit card and leave it at home when window shopping.
  • Don't stress about gaining weight, you can lose it when you really want to. 
  • Try to stick to no more than 2 (single) shots per night.
  • Have at least 1 convo about something that happened in the news a day, ie at least skim the news first thing in the morning.
  • Buy a cigarette pack at the beginning of a week and budget your smoking. 
  • Get your caffeine fix once a day only.... you decide when you want it.  

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