May 28, 2009

Rice to Riches

To all you rice pudding lovers out there, if you haven't been yet, you have to take a little trip to Rice to Riches, literally rice pudding heaven. I've always been a rice pudding lover, in Egypt my grandma always got me so much of it from this one tiny place, so I have fond memories of it. With over 15 rice pudding flavors and about 10 toppings, Rice to Riches in Nolita will get you hooked. The smallest size is pretty big, I'd recommend sharing with someone because it's a pretty heavy treat. The best part is you can try as many flavors as you want... which is obviously what I did. I'd have to say one of my favorites is "The Milk Chocolate Only Rings Twice." Well I did get pretty obsessed with the "Coconut Coma" with the buttery graham cracker blanket after my cousin got it. I hate her.

Grab a couple friends, get a couple flavors and enjoy :)

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