May 29, 2009

Archie Avoids the Economic Crisis

Looks like the economic crisis has also taken it's toll on love. It was just brought to my attention that after 60 years one of my favorite red-heads, Archie Andrews, has made a decision to marry the very wealthy Veronica Lodge over the sweet Betty Cooper. I read about it in an article by the National Post and had it confirmed by the website. If there is one comic book I can think of that has most likely been read by everyone at least once, I'd say it's Archie. At least when I was growing up my friends had the comics everywhere; kitchen, bedroom, car, bathroom (no you weren't the only one). Even though I haven't been keeping up with the comics, I am sort of shocked by his decision. I knew he always loved Veronica's sexy legs, but was convinced Betty's personality would win him over. Lesson to the ladies, we should all rethink the cute "girl-next-door" tactic, not happening anymore.

Betty is clearly distraught by his choice, evident by her latest blog post, while Veronica is ecstatic, obv. (that's right, all the characters have their own blog). The six part "Archie Marries Veronica" comes out September.

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