September 5, 2012

long overdue random realizations

- i suddenly need a xylophone.

- sitting inside the car while getting a carwash isn't as exciting when you're alone... it's very lonely.
- i'm craving a rainy day with thunder and lightning.
- i don't have patience for people who always expect me to say hi even after we've made direct eye contact. is there some sort of social code i'm missing out on? i'll just assume they suffer from myopia and aren't aware.
- a hot shower never fails to make me feel better.
- how great would it be if we had full length instant body dryers as we walked out of the shower?
- i don't get couples who post status updates on fb while they're on their honeymoon... shouldn't you be occupied?
- i have a renewed love for strawberry jell-o.
- hate it when i try to swiftly throw my gum out but instead get it stuck to my fingers leaving me standing there wagging my hand in public. very debonair.
- do mosquitos generally recognize other bites on you and decide you must be tasty? bastards.
- getting flashed by the speeding radar on sheikh zayed road really hurts. the memory haunts me.
- it's really awkward walking up to someone you're meeting up with from a distance who's already spotted you. should you start walking faster? suddenly you're very conscious of how you walk. this quite possibly only applies to me....

xx happy wednesday 

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