February 8, 2012

Much Needed Spring Cleaning

I've decided to start my spring cleaning a bit early this year. For the first part, I'm going to be ruthless and go to battle with myself when it comes to getting rid of clothes; you see a lot of my wardrobe is only there cuz I've created some sort of scenario where I'd wear it.... basically it remains a figment of my imagination. I'm known to have problems... then again I have eight alters so people should be a bit more understanding -you can only imagine how many outfits each one has in mind. I basically need to meditate before, while, and after packing for a trip.

Back to my spring cleaning, for the second part, I'm going to redecorate my bedroom. I've been looking into as much inspiration as I can get. I love color, and I love earthy tones; I love modern, and I love antique... No, I don't make things very easy for myself.

Considering one wall is dark pink (so wild) I think I'll only add a couple splashes of color then stick to beige and white for everything else. I like the major pieces such as my bed, chest of drawers etc to have a more clean cut and modern feel, and reach that antique feel through accessories.
I like the contrasting styles and colors in this section. A wall of cluttered, different-sized and styled frames absolutely mesmerizes me. Not sure about one of those paintings though... looks like Jacob pre werewolf transformation (unfortunate Twilight reference).

If you have any tips of your own or know of any good interior design sites, please share xx

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  1. you should check out this blog, i think you'd enjoy it. she has some great decorating ideas as well :) http://www.theglamourai.com/search/label/the%20glamour%20den