February 20, 2012

Hi... Just remembered that I host this tea party

It's time for me to freshen up the table, bring some hot tea to the pot and lay out some yummy treats because I've been long from this waaay too long... hope I'm not the only one who feels that way. Humor me.

In the midst of my move back to Abu Dhabi from Dubai I've had absolutely NO time to share any news. My room is slowly slowly becoming the cozy nook I can see myself looking forward to spending time in. After all the organization is over it'll be time to paint the walls. Not sure how I'm going to lighten my wall that's dark pink without a thousand coats. I'll probably do one coat and hand the job over to someone else. 

Meanwhile, I'm preparing for my trip to the US starting this Friday. I'll be in LA for a couple days and San Fran until the 12th of March. Remember that Stoli competition I harassed everyone with? Finally the time to celebrate all that hard work is coming up! Where will we be celebrating? Just at Hugh Hef's Kandy Masquerade Party. Yeah... anyone who knows me is probably wondering how funny I'm going to look in the midst of all that, but I'm thinking I'll just mask my awkwardness away and enjoy the night!

Stay tuned to photos and updates of my upcoming trip!

Happy Monday xx

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  1. YAY!

    welcome back! you have been missed!