March 31, 2009

Facial Necessities

Today I’m all about the beauty products! There are two face products that I have come to love. First, we’re constantly told to remove our make-up, and yes I’ve been through those nights where I just don’t have the energy, not to mention I’m not in the mood to deal with that oily feel most make-up removers leave you with after. I was then told that using those oily make-up removers is not that great and should be kept away from your eyes. So now I not only have to take my make-up off but I have to do it with precision? No thanks. I slept with my make up with my “I’m young” attitude until a good friend introduced me to Almay oil-free pads with aloe, cucumber and green tea. I’m the biggest sucker to packaging and was sold immediately; it’s easy to carry around, feels fresh on the face, and the pads are small not like those unnecessarily huge towelettes most brands sell. Def a product to stock up on.

For the second product, it is the all natural Wild Rose 24-hour Moisturizer by Korres. This dermatologically tested cream is mineral oil free, silicone free a bunch of other stuff free and has sunscreen! I’ve been a fan of Kiehl’s products for a long time; however, I found that their face moisturizers didn’t really do their job during the tough New England winter. The cream I was using was almost too water based and my skin would be dry practically the whole day. The Korres moisturizer has a rich texture and has made my skin much clearer and softer. So if you’ve had some difficulty finding a good moisturizer check this one out!

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