January 17, 2013

coming soon!!

it's been a while, i hope you're all well!

if you've been wondering where to get your cup o' joe from (it's never an easy decision with a cafe on every corner) make sure you come to THE MAGAZINE SHOP, opening date to be confirmed. i've been in hiding the past couple months because i started a new job with brownbook (yay), which has taken over most of my time. i will be sure to start giving more love to my readers who i really hope haven't lost interest :( i'll stay optimistic and keep writing till i win you back either way. 

quick points: 
- our coffee is sourced from one of the best suppliers in town, raw coffee.
- if you wanna come hang out i'll make your coffee with love (note: please do not equate the taste with the amount of love, i'm a beginner)
- coffee making is NOT easy. if you're a professional barista i truly look up to you.
- don't expect anything but an awkward heart as my coffee art. feel free to tell me you like it though.
- the tumblr will soon be up so stay tuned.
- location is in gate village at the DIFC next to building #8. 
- come say hi :)

lots of love,
xx may

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