December 13, 2012

todays happiness

comes from within you...

as i was going through my old bookmarks i came across the blog "the daily love" and the article "what has to happen for you to be happy," caught my eye. the excerpt below really resonated with me. it's actually so easy to find happiness. so easy. i definitely think i make my life harder every time i forget this. something we have to remind ourselves daily is "happiness is my choice." we all know it well, but how many of us have mastered it? even though i consider myself a very positive person, i find that i fail on many accounts. rather than focusing our mind's control on random people or situations and how we want them to be, we should focus our control on maintaining our positive mind regardless of what we encounter. why? because we should want to be happy and diffuse any negativity. n'est ce pas?

"why is it so much easier for us to be unhappy than happy?
well, i think the answer lies in the idea that our brains are trained to keep us alive, not to make us happy. we have evolved so that we make avoiding pain more important than seeking pleasure. and in doing so, we tend to focus on what’s wrong – rather than on what we could be grateful for. and making this shift is what it’s all about."
- mastin kipp

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