November 5, 2012

love lessons from a couple who know

i was truly touched by this article by a couple who lived through a 73-year marriage. people who think love and relationships are easy haven't truly lived through one. the more you open your eyes to your personal relationships and those around you, you realize that as loving as they are, they do require work and a whole lotta compromise. it's just up to you to decide whether that person is worth the emotional investment as not many people are worth the effort. as long as the pros outweigh the cons i believe it's worth it. 

my favorite points:
- embrace his quirks: you cannot fall in love with blue eyes and perfect teeth. you have to fall in love with the character of the person.
- move on from rows: my most important lesson was that we did not rehash. if something was unpleasant we got through it, handled the fallout, and did not bring it up again in happier times.
- trust your feelings: you shouldn't have to question whether you feel a physical attraction. 
- knowing attraction can last: we discovered that as our bodies grew fatter or skinnier, as we lost hair or grew it in peculiar places, our attraction stayed intact. 

xx happy loving

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