August 13, 2010

boys n girls: Questionable Scenario

I was recently told a questionable situation from a friend all the way in the North Pole and think it should be open to discussion. Comments are very appreciated.

Step 1: Boy sees girl at party, both are intoxicated

Step 2: Boy shows interest

*Feelings are mutual (ie. it’s still the beginning and the girl thinks boy is cute and is just curious; she’s not naming their future babies)*

Step 3: Digits exchanged

Step 4: Social outings coordinated

Step 5: Sleep-overs commence

Step 6: Sleep-overs end after a couple weeks

*Questionable part: No physical contact ever happened except a hand hold… and that’s also questionable*

Step 7: Communication becomes minimal

Step 8: Limbo

Note that this girl is close to flawless and even if she was scary beyond all means (in which case I doubt the interest would have struck) how can the boy resist any physical contact? No he is not an awkward vampire scared of sucking the life out of his girl interest.

Is the boy:

a)   a)  Scared of rejection
b)   b) Uninterested
c)   c) Hiding a small “member”... if ya know what I mean ..
d)   d) Not really interested in girls (note the plurality)

1 comment:

  1. A and B

    "A" in the sense that the boy couldve had a rough past. Couldve been rejected by many girls, and now has figured out a way to talk his way into the sleepovers and after hes accomplished whatever it was he wanted out of this temporary act, he bounces. At the end girl is confused as to why communication has stopped and possibly feels used or Girl could also be looking for something temporary and is happy that communication has stopped and moves on. And as for guy, at the end he moves on like the girl possibly did, or moves on but also has guilt feeling inside of him, and to rid of his guilt, repeats this process with new girl.

    "B" in the sense that boy genuinely got to know the girl, looked passed her flawlessness and found out that they just dont fit. They just didnt click as what happens in some cases. No hard feelings.